Spine Races Kit

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Here you will find a growing list of posts related to The Montane Spine Races.

They are designed to provide further clarification to the already comprehensive kit list written by myself in my role as the Montane Spine Race Equipment Manager.

If you follow the links below, each page will cover a topic or item from either the summer or winter races.

Pages relating to items of kit will include a definitive YES/NO-PASS/FAIL table that will be regularly updated when I get new questions and provide a quick reference as to whether your item will pass. It should eventually build into a comprehensive database of items. I will also add notes and advice about suitability for the Summer of Winter events based on mine and others at the events observations and real world testing.

It’s hoped this will be a valuable resource for those entering or thinking of entering the races and assist greatly in the choosing of suitable equipment for a successful attempt.

All the opinions on these pages are mine, based on my personal experience, observations and discussions with participants at the events over the last 6 years.

Not everyone will share the same opinions based on their own experience or skills, but it’s hopefully a good reference point for planning your kit for the race and building in good kit decisions.


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